Please take a moment and read how The Litter Wizard System patent-pending has helped these individuals and animal shelters across the country eleminate cat urine odor.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to try Litter Wizard. There is no doubt it cuts the ammonia odor in the litter box. We tried it in boxes with clumping litter and regular clay litter. We noticed an improvement in both but especially in the clay litter.

Because the urine goes to the bottom of the box in the clay litter, it really made a difference in the ammonia odor as it was being scooped from the box.

Not only does it make cleaning the boxes a healthier experience (I worry about inhaling those ammonia fumes) it also saves on litter as the boxes do not need to be dumped and cleaned as often.

We wish you great success in marketing this product. It is everything you advertise it to be. I am sure those who try it will see the same results we did. I would recommend this every one!


Barbara Draws
River City Cat Rescue

The Jessamine Humane Society would like to thank you for the opportunity to try your product. We have used it extensively in our multi-cat foster homes and noticed marked improvement in eliminating the ammonia smell in the enclosed areas.

We have found that it works best when used with the "clay" type nonclumping litter. It removed the ammonia smell in the "community" litter boxes which are housed in the rooms of cat colonies.

We have shared our findings with the local public animal shelter and delivered a supply to them for testing in their environment. The public shelter actually had a more pronounced improvement in the cats' environment due to having MORE felines and a small space. Many of which are not altered. Causing the ruing to be much stronger. The stronger urine smell coupled with the fact that shelters typically use the cheaper clay litter makes the Litter Wizard an even more desirable product.

in all facilities that house animals for adoption to the public, cleanliness is of the utmost importance for the animals, as well as for the viewing public. We see great promos with this product and are excited about the opportunity to share with other animal welfare advocates.


Kim Hurst
President, Jessamine Humane Society

I am a volunteer cat foster parent for a local shelter and house 10 to 15 foster cats at a time in my home cattery. That means I have lots of litter boxes to clean and the potential to have a very smelly environment. I used Little Wizard in my cat boxes and was amazed to discover that there is absolutely no urine smell when using this product. And, the litter lasts twice as long because the box never develops a urine odor. Then along came Alex and your product was put to the test.

I had been using Litter Wizard for about 2 weeks before I got my foster cat “Alex,” a Straight Ear Scottish Fold. I rescued Alex prior to him being neutered and was warned about his very smelly urine. I was reluctant to add him to my cattery of foster cats because of his odor but knowing that I had Little Wizard, I decided to go ahead and take him in. I am happy to report that Litter Wizard was able to defy and destroy the urine smell that this animal produced. Alex is neutered now and no longer smelly but I honestly do not know if I would have been able to keep him thru the hormone transition if I didn’t have your product to destroy the urine odor.

I recommend this product to anyone who has multiple cats, breeders, shelters; anywhere that urine odor could create a problem. There is absolutely no urine odor when you use Litter Wizard in the litter box.

Thanks for creating a product that actually does what it promises!

Warmest Regards,

Jeanne Jackson
Adoption Coordinator, Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode

The product is FABULOUS!!!! Our group has cats in a Kiosk at a local Petco store, and we use LitterWizard in the litter boxes and there is NO ammonia odor at all when you approach the cages.

I am also using it for the boxes in my foster cat room at my home. I have 5 litter boxes, and again NO odor. Our group is sold on the product.

Warmest Regards,

Nancy Youst
Absolutely Purrfect Cat Rescue

First I want to say thank you for giving Kitty Haven the opportunity to test your product. We don’t usually give endorsements, but Litter Wizard is beyond endorsing. It’s amazing and fantastic. We can’t say enough about it. It eliminates the ammonia odor completely and extends the life of the cat litter without the awful urine smell which not only keeps the cats happy, but also all of us who have to clean the litter boxes. All of us here are very impressed with Litter Wizard and we’ll be sharing this and opinions with other rescues and shelters and our adopters. Litter Wizard is a great product and we are happy to have been a part of your product testing which Kitty Haven proudly endorses.


Candy Childers
Kitty Haven

I don’t often give testimonials to products I try, but Litter Wizard has made such an unbelievable change in my cats litter box I had to write and tell you.

I have three cats who are very stinky to say the least! I would have to air out the entire house after they would go to the letterbox and immediately clean every time, but after trying Litter Wizard there is absolutely no smell. I have tried many other products that claimed to do what your product does and have been very disappointed.

Litter Wizard after being used by the most potent of cats smells fresh and clean day after day.

The cats and I are now one happy family due to finding your wonderful product.

Keep up the excellent work.

Warmest Regards,

Jon Ponsford
Los Angeles, CA

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