Ammonia Effects

The studies and documentation featured in the Ammonia effects section contains a broad base of knowledge and documentation regarding the use of Litter Wizard System patent-pending for cats, dogs and pets, along with general studies regarding the harmful effects of urine based ammonia fumes exposure to humans and animals.

Material Safety Data Sheet

The Effects of Breathing Ammonia in Cat Urine

The Effects of Breathing Cat Urine

Cat Urine: The Health Risks and Hazards

Health Risks Associated With Cat Feces

Ammonia Indoor Air Issues

Health Effects From Breathing Cat Urine

Ammonia Damage & Health Risks Article

EPA Toxic Release Data - Lead and Ammonia Most Common in Mesothelioma

Urea: MSDS

Ammonia Effects On All Mammals

Ammonia is the Enemy

Tox Town Ammonia FAQ's

Ammonia Beware

Ammonia and Foals Don't Mix

Ammonia end Effects to Horse Health

Ammonia Emissions from Animal Housing Facilities

Effects of Ammonia Exposure on Horses

Pneumonia's Fatal Grip

United Food and Commercial Workers International Information Sheet

Ammonia Health Risks Video

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