InStructions For Use

Litter Box
If dealing with a Litter Box, empty old litter, clean the box surfaces and spray thoroughly with Litter Wizard System Enzyme Spray. Allow a moment or two to dry. Then refill with new litter and sprinkle 2 cups (per cat) of Litter Wizard System Granules into the area affected.

Dog Run
If dealing with a dog run, the animal will usually return to the same general area to urinate and defecate. These areas should be sprayed and several handfuls of Litter Wizard System Granules placed in the affected area. Remember Litter Wizard System is designed to capture Ammonia, when it is over saturated it will continue to encapsulate and capture ammonia and will release liquid in the form of water.

A daily spray of Enzyme will assist Litter Wizard System in its process and improve the efficacy of the product as well as provide a healthier environment. Repeat the process every time you replace the litter or clean the run. Remember the larger the animal the greater the amount of ammonia is produced and more product should be applied.

Continued use of this product will free your home of that litter box smell, and no one will even know that you have indoor cats or dogs!

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