How it Works


Litter Wizard System patent-pending is a 2-Part Product System comprised of Granules and Enzyme Spray to be used in conjunction. The Litter Wizard System of Granules and Enzyme Spray is to be used in conjunction with each other, which Provides Maximum Odor Control - 10x more than comparable products, contains laboratory developed microbes that eat odor causing ammonia, and is 100% non-toxic and safe for people and pets.

By using Litter Wizard System you can return your home to its original condition. Free your house of that litter box smell, and no one will even know that you have indoor cats or dogs!


Litter Wizard System ENZYME ’s ability to eliminate odor is impressive and significant. The spray offers an intense absorbency of odor and waste. The spray contains a laboratory developed blend of high activity bacteria which quickly digests odor causing ammonia; in fact these little microbes love nothing more than to eat ammonia! Litter Wizard System has a unique manufacturing process that places our high activity enzymes into a dormant state to guarantee extended shelf life of our products and maximum enzymatic activity when used.

The enzyme spray is so good that it is also ideal for use on organic odors and stains from urine, vomit, feces, blood, and sewage.


Litter Wizard System Granules are an aggressive, non-toxic, earth-friendly product specifically designed to absorb pesky odor causing ammonia gasses, in turn keeping your cats litter box or pets cage odor free! Ammonia gasses, found primarily in urine, are the source of that pungent foul odor which takes over the houses of many cat owners.

The Granules are the true science of the product system which allow it to deliver superior results. The Granules are mixed with naturally occurring ammonia eating microbes which continue the process of digesting the excess ammonia that the litter and the granules cannot absorb. The microbes also make their way into the pores of the letterbox plastic and continue the process.

Litter Wizard System Granules are easily mixed into your cats litter, which immediately works to eliminate high Ammonia levels, specifically those found in urine saturated bedding.

Laboratory Developed:

The Litter Wizard System was laboratory developed to reduce the pungent odor in cat litter boxes and pet cages that is caused by ammonia fumes & moisture which build up from urine. Ammonia gas is also a leading cause of respiratory problems in pets, and that harmful gas is the pungent odor which most people associate with a home where indoor cats or dogs are present.

Moisture contamination in litter boxes or indoor pet urination is responsible for the development of molds, bacteria and fungus, which are also a major cause of respiratory diseases. Litter Wizard System will eliminate moisture in the litter box and pet cage bedding which insect and internal parasite eggs need to survive, so the reduction in moisture will improve the Pet's environment in more ways than just odor control. Essential oils in the product replace the harmful ammonia gas with a pleasant smell and serve as an insect repellent.

However, absorption is only half of the equation for handling moisture. Litter Wizard System also disperses the absorbed moisture into the air and returns the powder to its original absorbing property. This ability to disperse moisture is found in Litter Wizard System making it a highly desirable product for use in litter boxes, pet cage bedding, and treatement of accidental dog or cat urination on your flooring.

Other mineral products have also been used as absorbents, however these products do not tightly bind the ammonia, and therefore the harmful gases can be released back into the environment causing pet odor problems to persist - Litter Wizard System is 10x more effective than other products on the market.

Benefits of The System

  • Absorbs Moisture/Ammonia to eliminate litter box odor!
  • 10x more effective than other products
  • Keeps your litter box or cage bedding dry & parasite free
  • 100% Non Toxic - safe for humans and pets
  • All Natural Formulation
  • Extends pet bed shavings life
  • Reduces dust
  • Reduces fly population
  • Less respiratory problems
  • Non-flammable
  • Helps keep animals cleaner
  • Easy to use

4 Reasons To Choose The System

  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to use
  • Powerfully removes odors and keeps them away
  • Holds an unmatched absorbancy rating

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