Frequently Asked QuestionS

Q: Will Litter Wizard System patent-pending block cat litter box odor?
A: Litter Wizard System will retain the odor causing ammonia gas, and the absorbed moisture will be dispersed back into the air as safe and toxin-free vapor. The process will continue to return the granule to its original absorbing properties until the saturation level is reached. This will result in foul odors leaving your home within hours.

Q: How fast will it work?
A: It will start working immediately, the granules will continue working and attract the gases in the area over a period of time. While there is instant action and a noticeable result instantly, usage over a period of a month will eliminate the odor from a home.

Q: How often should Litter Wizard System be used?
A: After the initial application of the Litter Wizard System , then all that is needed to maintain the litter box is a handful of granules applied per cat, per day - along with a daily application of the Enzyme spray which will assist the Litter Wizard System in providing an odor free litter box, while also improving the efficacy of the product.

Be sure to repeat the process every time you replace the litter or clean the run, also remember the larger the animal the greater the amount of ammonia is produced and more product should be applied.

Q: What are Litter Wizard System Granules?
A: Litter Wizard System Granules are a naturally occurring highly absorbent lightweight volcanic aggregate. Due to its porosity, it is an ideal medium for aerating, and absorbing urine moisture in your cats litter box. Because it is a volcanic aggregate, it came from the earth and is 100% all natural.

The Litter Wizard System Granules have a negative ionic particle charge. All odors fumes and gases are positively charged. Negative attracts positive and a cation exchange takes place, resulting in the ammonia being absorbed into the granules and broken down into its chemical components and rendered harmless.

Q: Can Litter Wizard System help reduce flies around the litterbox or cage of my animal?
A. Ammonia gas caused by urine, and fecal matter attract flies. Less ammonia gas and faster degradation of biological waste under the influence of Litter Wizard System means fewer unhealthy flies and parasites which prey on moisture.

Q: How does Litter Wizard System stack up to the competition?
A: The Litter Wizard System is 10x as effective as comparable products on the market today. Nuff said.

Q: My house reaks of Cat Litter Box Odor - will this really eliminate cat odor?
A: The Litter Wizard System has been thouroughly researched, developed and tested in the field. The system's ENZYME Spray has laboratory developed microbes which love to eat odor causing ammonia - they thrive on it! The spray coupled with the unique volcanic Granules which absorb moisture, results in you getting your old house back - a pet odor free house!

Q: Will my Pet eat these products?
A: Typically, no. The materials we use are all natural. They may take a curious bite but than they normally spit it out. The sizing does not assimilate a food source. If a Pet does ingest the Litter Wizard System , it is a good indication that they are lacking minerals. Remove the Litter Wizard System immediately and a mineral supplement at the reccomendation of your veterinarian.

Note: The Litter Wizard System is very light per cubic foot, and veterinarians feel that if ingestion did occur that it is light enough and large enough to be passed along with the food. Other materials are so heavy they tend to settle in the gut.

Q: The Litter Wizard System Granules sound amazing, do they have any other uses?
A: Why yes. The Litter Wizard System Granules are also safe to use as a bedding alone in pet cages. For outside animals such as horses, Litter Wizard System can be placed directly into mud. Some other uses are for gardening to aerate and drain your soil to obtain better root growth; an absorbent for oil and grease spills; in snow to eliminate slipping; or as an aggregate for lightweight concrete.

Q: Is the Litter Wizard System made in America?
A: Yes, Litter Wizard supports American jobs and industry - the entire system is manufactured in America, Click Here to see our manufacturing facility in the State of California.

Q: Is the Litter Wizard System recyclable?
A: Yes, Litter Wizard System products are totally recyclable,
and all packaging is also 100% recyclable.


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