The Litter Wizard System


Litter Wizard System patent-pending is a 100% natural formulation that absorbs foul cat litter box odor caused by ammonia from urine. This results in a home free from pungent cat litter box odor. Learn More...

Litter Wizard System ENZYME ’s ability to eliminate odor is impressive and significant. The spray offers an intense absorbency of odor and waste. The spray contains a laboratory developed blend of high activity bacteria which quickly digests odor causing ammonia; in fact these little microbes love nothing more than to eat ammonia! Litter Wizard System has a unique manufacturing process that places our high activity enzymes into a dormant state to guarantee extended shelf life of our products and maximum enzymatic activity when used.

Litter Wizard System Granules are an aggressive, non-toxic, earth-friendly product specifically designed to absorb pesky odor causing ammonia gasses, in turn keeping your cats litter box or pets cage odor free! Ammonia gasses, found primarily in urine, are the source of that pungent foul odor which takes over the houses of many cat owners.

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